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Protest at the israeli educational center in SL

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antizionist protest
31/5 2010 – the picture shows a group of protesters against Israels attack on the humanitarian aid convoy at sea, meant to reach Gaza. The object for the protest was the israeli education center in Second Life. We chanted slogas both via voice and chat, such as “Free, free Palestine” and “International Solidarity”.


Interview about an inworld protest against Israel

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Here follows an interview with Lisabeth Nikolaidis, a comrade of CPSL. She has today participated in a protest against Israel and its murderous politics:

[10:20] Red Stoneshield: You were at the israeli som today Lisabeth, can you tell me why?
[10:20] Red Stoneshield: sim*
[10:20] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: i received a notice from Saladin Center for the Liberation of Palestine, to gather at SL Israel to protest the attack on the Freedom Flotilla
[10:21] Red Stoneshield: Why do the cpsl think it is important to participate in a protest like this?
[10:22] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: we support the rights of the people of Palestine, and we condemn the continued oppression of the Palestinian people by Israel
[10:22] Red Stoneshield: What did the protesters do at the israeli sim?
[10:23] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: also to that previous question i should add, that even in SL i believe it is important not to be silent on political issues and human rights violations which occure in RL
[10:24] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: we went there and held Placards which read Israel Is A Terrorist State
[10:24] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: we chanted Free Free Palestine
[10:24] Red Stoneshield: Right on!
[10:24] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: 🙂
[10:25] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: you see we have gestures for that
[10:25] Red Stoneshield: What did the zionists do?
[10:25] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: ok first of all
[10:26] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: Beth Odets, the manager of SL Israel (i am not certain if that is the correct title, she built the sim, but does not own it), is not actually a Zionist, she says. she says has no idea about politics
[10:26] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: she lives in the USA
[10:26] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: but she said that she was trying to avert misbehavior by the protestors
[10:27] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: by arguing with us for about an hour
[10:27] Red Stoneshield: what did she say?
[10:28] Red Stoneshield: (I corrrect myselfm she is not a zionist but a lapdog of the zionists)
[10:28] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: she said that if we wanted to, she would create a panel and everyone could sit down in a peaceful manner and discuss the events. she said, ‘if we wanted to heal’ this would be the thing to do, and that we could all be an example for the world.
[10:28] Red Stoneshield: And what was your answer to this?
[10:29] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: yes indeed, she is an innocent bystander while the Zionists murder people.
[10:29] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: i said that as long as Israel is murdering Palestinians there can be no healing.
[10:29] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: i do not know if she read my comments.
[10:29] Red Stoneshield: No peace without justice!
[10:30] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: but all people who answered here said basically the same thing.
[10:30] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: yes indeed comrade, i do not see how i can calmly sit on a panel with people from SL isreal and ‘heal’ while aid to Gaza is being prevented with acts of violence.
[10:31] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: Red, right now the Saladin people are offering to teleport us to another protest
[10:31] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: lets go!
[10:31] Red Stoneshield: No that would be treason from an antiimperialist point of view
[10:31] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: indeed
[10:31] Red Stoneshield: Ok, lets continue later
[10:31] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: ok shall i tp you?
[10:31] Red Stoneshield: yes!
[10:52] Red Stoneshield: What happened after you had protested for a while?
[10:53] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: Beth became more and more upset. her voice got louder and more tense. finally she said she would ‘close the sim’ and we all were banned. but i should mention that when i first arrived, within 5 minutes, i was banned. so i had to return with an alternate avatar. i was banned at first because i have protested there before and they know me, so that banned me.
[10:53] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: so they* banned me
[10:53] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: so i went back with a different avatar i have for such occasions
[10:54] Red Stoneshield: Ok, what is the apeal of CPSl in this situation, what do we want progressive avatars to do?
[10:56] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: to continue to protest Israel’s blockade of Gaza, to continue to SCREAM about this latest attack and murder of aid bringers, to be vocal and tireless in protest in SL and RL until this situation is resolved in favor of the palestinian people
[10:57] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: YEAHHH
[10:58] Red Stoneshield: exactly:) thank you for your time comrade!!

Condemn israeli killings against humanitarian aid workers

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These links will give you some information about the zionist assault on the ships with humanitarian aid to Gaza. Join every protest you can in your country!

and see a live video feed here:

New Graphics

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we have change graphics… like ? you dont like ? Send comment 🙂

Visit the library of CPSL

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CPSL Library is a work in progress. Our archivist, Comrade Wilhelm Palmira, is currently working on a history of CPSL which will be installed in the library when completed. On your left as you enter the Library, you will see our Notice Board. Please Touch it to receive the collected Lectures of Wilhelm Palmira on Marxist history and theory. They are a valuable resource for any Marxist or student visiting CPSL. Also, join us for the live lectures, here at CPSL headquarters, most Sundays at 8:00 AM SL(Pacific) time. We have a list of books online available, related to politics, Marxism, and Dialectical Materialism. Click on the card file near the Notice Board to receive the list. Also, you can find links to, a link to the Communist Manifesto online, as well as policies currently adopted by CPSL. Click on the photos you see on the walls to receive short biographies. If you have suggestions for the library, or would like to share your recollections of CPSL in the past, please send a notecard to Wilhelm Palmira.

Weekly party against Berlusconi

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The following is information that was posted on the memberslist of the CPSL.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010 18:49:48 GMT

Hi all,

as every week, our NO-BERLUSCONI concerts are starting at 12PM. As most of you know, Italian prime minister Berlusconi is just one of the biggest example of what totalitarian and fascist powers can become. So get your best sign and come protest with us.

Hope to see you there,


A temporarily break in our classes

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CPSL will have a short break, a couple of weeks, in our classes. We will post info both here at the blog and in the headquarter when the classes are back again, and this will be soon.