Policy of CPSL concerning sexism

Comrades, some etiquette when communicating with each other is a basic thing, it is obligatory in even the most unconscious and apolitical groups.
There has recently been rudeness and verbal abuse against women by male members of CPSL, in short, sexist behavior.
When a white person is confronted with the accusation of racism by a person of color, he or she should look for what is right with the criticism, not for what is wrong with it. To give and accept constructive criticism is, after all, a basic communist principle—one that helps us to grow stronger and to avoid mistakes.
This same principle is true when a man is accused of sexist behavior by a woman. Men should look for what is right with it, not what is wrong with the criticism. I understand that as a white person raised in this destructive and racist American culture, I too am a racist. Just as males brought up in bourgeois culture are sexists. The only real difference is one of degree, and what we are personally doing to overcome this negative conditioning. As you know, capitalism reduces everything to the level of a commodity—even women.
Socialist and communist practice means overcoming the social dominance of men over women and fighting for the genuine equal status of the sexes in politics, the economy and the society. Furthermore in our practice we fight every form of discrimination against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex orientations and ways of life.
The implementation of this understanding requires a formal CPSL policy for addressing issues of sexism and homophobia. What follows is a draft proposal worked out by women of CPSL. It is our hope the membership will vote to adopt this policy.
A complaint against a member of CPSL by a member of CPSL for sexist or homophobic behavior will be given to the CPSL Chair, who will in turn appoint a three person ad hoc committee to investigate the complaint. The members of the ad hoc committee must be acceptable to the parties involved, unless it becomes clear to the Chair that one or more of the parties will find no member acceptable, in which case the Chair’s original appointment will stand.
The ad hoc committee will conduct an investigation into the allegations, reading transcripts (if any) of conversations and interviewing witnesses (if any), and render a recommendation. That recommendation can consist of several remedies, including:
1. Reconciliation: The parties in the dispute will be urged to resolve the issue with the help of an agreed upon comrade (mediator) from the Party.
2. Consciousness Raising: One or more of the parties may be asked to read specified material on issues of feminism, such materials to be decided upon by CPSL women avatars.
3. Expulsion: Only in the most intractable of cases would the committee recommend expulsion from CPSL. And any such expulsion would require a majority vote of the membership at a scheduled membership meeting.
If any outrageously rude or abusive behavior takes place on CPSL land by a member of the party, that member will be ejected and banned from the land for a period of 24 hours. Debate is good, but threats of violence and personal insults cannot be tolerated. This banning can be done by any member of the Funding Committee (or its successor).


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