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CPSL comrade witnesses G20 in Toronto

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(thanks to Comrade Wilhelm Palmira and his wife Rosa for giving us this eyewitness account of the G20 demonstrations and police suppression of same. also, special thanks to Rosa for photos!)

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Wilhelm Palmira: now I can really tell you comrades what happened
Wilhelm Palmira: Okay – but one thing I should say to begin with
Wilhelm Palmira: My wife is heading out to the solidarity with the prisoners group meeting near the prison
cp2ndlife: ok…i dont know about this group
Wilhelm Palmira: Yes – I will explain – also my wife will be back with hopefully photos and sound files as she will be interviewing [people] – I was just kissing her goodbye out the door – making sure she had everything she needed

Wilhelm Palmira: if not I’m sure the detention centre won’t be that bad
Wilhelm Palmira: well, one hopes it will be okay
Wilhelm Palmira: she will be telling them [the guards] she is doing an interview for – a little bit of mis-information is always useful when facing the opposition
cp2ndlife: RevLeft?
Wilhelm Palmira: AnarchoSovietCommunists
cp2ndlife: ok
Wilhelm Palmira: I have written [articles] for them – nice people
Wilhelm Palmira: although not very clear on what they want to say

Wilhelm Palmira: Anyway – as I was saying – the only people to challenge the three lines of military police were the Anarco-Communists and the French Canadian Marxists/Maoists
Wilhelm Palmira: They are called the Revolutionary Communist Party
Wilhelm Palmira: centred in Quebec
Wilhelm Palmira: they were unable to get anywhere near the wall
Wilhelm Palmira: but they made several attempts in different places
Wilhelm Palmira: very brave

Wilhelm Palmira: The only violence was the police smashing their own cars – and encouraging others to do so – as far as I could see it was orchestrated
Wilhelm Palmira: although the 3rd private car was probably inspired by but not done by the police
Wilhelm Palmira: so it was activists afterward

Wilhelm Palmira: the 1.2 billion dollars [Canadian taxpayer money]
Wilhelm Palmira: was essentially used to set up a large prison camp and hire an army to take over Toronto and arrest everyone they could
Wilhelm Palmira: which they have done

Wilhelm Palmira: not many people are in the demonstrations because everyone knew the massive police army presence

Wilhelm Palmira: we even had helicopter gunships circling the city
Wilhelm Palmira: these things have no purpose but to shoot up crowds and transport soldiers

Wilhelm Palmira: as the demonstration was not very large and there were only a group of around 400 French anarchists trying to get to the fence. all the security seems pointless

Wilhelm Palmira: so many people did not go – because everyone knew from two weeks back how bad things were going to get – the authorities started to take over the streets with baracades and guards and fences for the past 2 weeks
Wilhelm Palmira: and so the activists in Toronto knew there was not much chance of getting anywhere near the G20 fence

Wilhelm Palmira: but that did not stop local activists having a demonstration miles away from the fence on
Wilhelm Palmira: they had a meeting at a gas station and had a few speeches complaining about the police state, the state of israel and environmental damage by the G20 leaders
Wilhelm Palmira: The police then brought out riot police and started to arrest everyone – using special police powers that were passed by the provincial government in secret

Wilhelm Palmira: and a few local activists on Friday escaped by miracle not getting arrested – and attempted to have a quiet sleep in at the local park – where there are usually a lot of homeless people
Wilhelm Palmira: once again using the special police powers the remainder were arrested
cp2ndlife: (what special police powers? can you elaborate on that?)
Wilhelm Palmira: Good question – essentially if the police think that you might be thinking of going somewhere near the wall they can detain you for several days without charge – and also anyone able to get within 20 meters of the wall will be arrested and charged
cp2ndlife: ok i have a couple of questions Wil
cp2ndlife: who pays for all the security? G20 or Toronto
Wilhelm Palmira: Tax payers, the Federal government here,
which is run by conservatives
Wilhelm Palmira: they do not believe in evolution
Wilhelm Palmira: they think the tar sands exploitation is god’s gift to man
Wilhelm Palmira: and are against any controls on the global international banking system
Wilhelm Palmira: not very enlightened people
cp2ndlife: well yeah they take after their bosses in the USA..same bosses i mean
Wilhelm Palmira: the tar sands is an area in Canada that contains more oil in the form of tar than Saudia Arabia – but to get it out causes a great amount of damage to the earth and pollutes the environment very badly – an area larger than the british isles is being tore up and is full of burning towers
[08:56] Wilhelm Palmira: its in the far north
[08:56] Wilhelm Palmira: Canada is one of the worst, most evil defenders of pollution on the planet
[08:56] Wilhelm Palmira: but I digress

Wilhelm Palmira: any more questions on the G20?
cp2ndlife: just anything you witnessed personally
cp2ndlife: i understand that the protesters couldnt get near the actual meeting place
Wilhelm Palmira: No where near – we were at least a kilometer and tens of thousands of cops, soldiers and spooks away from the fence

Wilhelm Palmira: Now Rosa [my wife] is off to get pictures and interview the prisoner solidarity group
cp2ndlife: hurrah for Rosa, one hell of a woman!
Wilhelm Palmira: On Friday and Friday night local activists were arrested. on Saturday during the day the foriegn activists were arrested – well I say foreign, it was mostly Quebeqois

cp2ndlife: i dont suppose you have any idea how many demonstrators have actually been arrested?
Wilhelm Palmira: and last night the cops swarmed the places where young people hang out and party
Wilhelm Palmira: its over 500 at the moment
Wilhelm Palmira: the young people who had come down for the people’s summit
Wilhelm Palmira: and the marijuana party [‘legalize marijuana’] demonstrations thought that going to the Gay district they would be safe; its open 24 hours a day, and the big gay pride celebrations next week have already begun, so its a party there anyway. but this did not stop the police. they swarmed the area and arrested as many as they could grab in the dark, pepper spraying – using tear gas in individual doses, and of course the batons

Wilhelm Palmira: A prisoner solidarity group – very small – massively outnumbered by the police is now in the east end of the city trying to set up a demonstration there
Wilhelm Palmira: to draw attention to the fact that the vast majority of the people arrested were not trying to get through the police lines to the fence but were merely here to have an alternative gathering at the peoples summit

Wilhelm Palmira: Just this morning we discovered the police raided the activists for the peoples summit who were staying at the Univeristy of Toronto. it’s mostly older people, middle aged activists who come to talk about alternative economics and such things as environmentalism. they never went anywhere near the main demonstration
cp2ndlife: yes i see…so much for free speech …
Wilhelm Palmira: but they too have been caught up in the drag net
Wilhelm Palmira: Gosh, I hope Rosa is okay
cp2ndlife: yes! does she have any way to call you?
Wilhelm Palmira: She left the cell phone here – but that is the risk she wanted to take – there are very few people left and she thought it was important to get the stories from those who know the arrested activists.

cp2ndlife: she’s fantastic Will and so are you. both of you..very courageous. and we are really thankful to you both, for all this info
Wilhelm Palmira: gosh thanks but we have done nothing – as nothing is possible here thanks to the 1.2 billion dollar security
cp2ndlife: you went out into the fray didnt you? !
Wilhelm Palmira: yes – I was right next to the police line with the anarchists and was there at the first part of the damaged vehicle – Doing nothing – just having a different opinion into the place where a martial law has essentially – in effect – been declared

Wilhelm Palmira: you don’t have to do anything here – the cops are going out now and grabbing people from the alternative forum
Wilhelm Palmira: its mass arrests based upon a different opinion than the rightwing thugs power
Wilhelm Palmira: there will probably be a couple of thousand detained by the end of today
Wilhelm Palmira: Not big by american numbers I know – but big for Toronto

Wilhelm Palmira: Also I should mention that I saw demonstrators with injuries from the police action
Wilhelm Palmira: the activists had set up a triage and first aid station and they had asked the police to get the ambulance, and the police had said they already had, but no one came.
Wilhelm Palmira: finally comrades had to carry the people to the hospital.
Wilhelm Palmira: anyway that is all I have to say really – I went all through the area under control of the military/police
cp2ndlife: well you know, its really best to clearly understand where we stand…what the truth is about western ‘democracy’ right? always good to get very clear on that.

Wilhelm Palmira: and there were three groupings – the labour/Marijuana/alternative summit people who are now being arrested – the people at the wall – who were arrested yesterday – and the innocent kids arrested last night
Wilhelm Palmira: there is no democracy or free opinion here
cp2ndlife: Labour Party of Canada you mean?
[09:15] Wilhelm Palmira: Yes – the NDP (New Democratic Party – a left wing version of the US Democrats) and the Canadian Labour Congress – Canadian federation of labour unions

Wilhelm Palmira: Also the communist party were at the alternative summit
[09:15] Wilhelm Palmira: and were handing out materials
cp2ndlife: CCP?
[09:15] Wilhelm Palmira: yes – and some of the older security guards hired for the day to protect shops were reading the CCP materials – it was quite heart warming
cp2ndlife: 🙂

Wilhelm Palmira: there is a lot of support for the alternative summit – but the government provocateurs are trying to justify the massive 1.2 billion dollar security budget by destroying two of their own cop cars
Wilhelm Palmira: and blaming it on the demonstrators so they can arrest all political oppostion to the summit.


Lecture on WW1 4/7

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Wilhelm Palmira from CPSL will give a lecture about World War one:

Day: Sunday 4/7
Time: 8 a.m SLT
Location: CPSL Headquarter

another artist banned from SL7B

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thanks to Scylla Rhiadra of SLLU for this notice:

Today, a second artist — Misprint Thursday — was ejected from SL7B and dropped from the group for her scandalous image of . . . naked Barbie Dolls.

Yes, you read that correctly.

See this blog posting for more information:

Inworld protests against Big Brother Linden Lab

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Below we are linking to SL-made moviereports from the inworld protest against the banning of Rose Borchovski’s art at SL7b (the birthday celebrations for Second Life). The CPSL had nothing to do with the organisation of this protest. However, we do support any action that contributes to halting the expansion of profitinterests and bussinessthinking in to the field of arts and which contributes to defending the independence of artists from being controlled by the free market and its state. Defending the freedom for culture is not to say that it must take place in a vacuum and this defence is nothing that marxists conduct in absurdum. No social being can stand outside the fundamental relations that define our (capitalist) society, and this applies also to the artist, even inside Second Life. Therefore the principle of independence for the artist can never be used as an excuse for art as a tool for chauvinism and ideological persecution of the oppressed. An example of “art” that must not be defended from the standpoint of independence of the artist is white supremacist rock, hate propaganda against sexual minorities etc.

It must be totaly obvious to any sane person that Rose Borchovski’s installations is by no way even near being open or covert hate propaganda disguised as art. On the contrary her art progressively defends openmindedness and reflections about the individual in society. Every communist, socialist and democrat must therefore condemn Linden Lab on this issue. Their actions can only play in to the hands of religious and morally conservatives and the forces of comercial nonsense.

Red Stoneshield

Poland Outlaws Communist Symbols

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We should have posted something about this sooner. This news is 12 days old. But I did not see this news until today, when I was informed by a comrade from Poland.
The article I read is from CP Canada:

Statement by the Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada
“Democracy” in the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe will take another body blow on June 8, when a new law takes effect in Poland, banning the depiction of anything considered a “communist symbol.” In an outrageous twist, the law equates such symbols with the swastika and other Nazi insignia. The Communist Party of Canada condemns this legislation, which proves once again that democratic rights and civil liberties are being increasingly trampled across the European Union. (read more)

Protesters defy government’s racism on World Refugee Day

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Our comrade Czarny Zsun of CPSL was in the march in Melbourne, Australia. He writes:

The crowds, reflecting the composition of the broader public, were diverse in background. We were of all colours, all ages, and all religions. But the message we sent was united: “Refugees are Welcome!” Contingents came from trade unions, university clubs, religious groups, ethnic community organisations and political organisations.’

Peter Greenaway critizies art censorship in Second Life

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Film-maker Peter Greenaway makes his voice heard about art censorship in Second Life. Below we reprint his letter to Linden Lab.

Dear Courtney Linden,

As a reaction to the rejection of Rose Borchovski ‘s art installation : The Kiss at the Celebration Sim, I would like you to read this.

It seems to me incredible that you are enforcing censorship concerning nudity in public forums on Second Life.

Traditions of nudity in Western Art have for centuries been legitimate, honourable and creditable.
The cyperspaces of Second Life – and Second Life has so far proved itself to be among the very best of such events -are among todays’ cutting edge of visual languages – continuing an enviable tradition of new technologies in the visual arts now that the orthodox cinematic arts are proving themselves moribund and archaic, and enforcing new efforts to avoid artistic elitism and the encouragement of egalitarianism in artistic expression Any artist worth his or her salt, always must engage in contemporary technologies – it has been the very reputable tradition of the most worthwhile artists that has benefitted us all. Visual artists have always taught us to look. The man-made world owes them everything.

Just because you have eyes does not mean you can see. And the political and social emancipation of the naked and the nude by artists has been essential for humanist civilisation – it has given you and me great liberalities of thinking and self-respect.

Whatever else you think you may be doing with Second Life, you have created a very sophisticated tool that combines traditions of painting with cinema and the graphic arts in present tense terms that permits visual expression of language like never before. Do not underestimate what you have created – but to remain creditable you simply cannot enforce reactionary hypocritical standards that have been so discredited over the last five hundred years.

Like any self-respecting artist of course I am against gratuitous exploitation that demeans and insults intelligence and sensibilities but by your blanket censorship you are now doing both those things – insulting artistic intelligence and demeaning sensibility.

I suspect you are responding to pressure, to some form of mind-police, certainly to some form of political correctness that is related to money and the slow swing to the political right that is happening all over the world related to civilisation’s fear of financial insecurity. Don’t go that way. You are endangering a tool that is greater than you.

When the cultural histories of the early 21st century are written from hindsight, you will undoubtedly find the possibilities and successes of Second Life being eminently lauded and praised. Too many art forms in the 20th century have been stunted and deformed and deflected into ineffectuality and banality by small mindedness. If you really insist in so-called protection of innocence (and I really wonder what that really is – is it a synonym in fact for ignorance and intolerance?) then do so on a careful case by case basis with intelligence and foresight. This will be troublesome for you to do, if you want to do it well. But it will
be very well worth your while,

Yours, hoping you will see sense, and not be influenced by short-term gain.

Peter Greenaway, film-maker.