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Login problems in SL ? Your avatar blocked inworld ?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on 23/08/2010 by cp2ndlife
This will be the quickest way to get you back online again. Please do the following:
Bring your log in screen up BUT DO NOT LOG IN YET…
Go to the top of the screen, click on “edit”, “preferences”, “general”, tick the box next to where it says “show start location on login screen”, click apply.
Now, please try to log in, using your usual log in details, but where there is now a space for you to fill in the start location type in the word Pooley (this is just a neutral low lag sim).
You will probably still get the same message when you try and log in, but just ignore it completely, ignore the time it says your account will be unavailable until, just please be patient and persistent and just try to log in and try and try and try, until you WILL actually log in. This will take between 1 and 30 minutes to do.
Then, once you are logged in at Pooley, use this SLurl to teleport across to where your “ghost” is. ¬†Once your real avatar gets within range of your ghosted duplicate the two entities will merge and the ghost will vanish, and your logins will become normal once again.
Good luck, and please let us here

Discussions on Issues Relevant to the Development of a Revolutionary Communist Workers’ Movement

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Can one be religious and also be a Marxist? Is criticism of Religion enough? Does Marxism oppose religion, or does it also oppose belief in a god? What relationship should exist between the Communist workers’ movement and leftwing religious currents?

Please join the open discussion of these questions on 15 August, 2010 at 12:00 noon SL time. The discussion will be held in the Albert Currlin Society Meeting Hall , (Georgi 179, 241,75).