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BBC Interview with Jody Mcintyre

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Jody Macintyre rocks!


Reply to Rosa from Lisabeth Nikolaidis (copied from Communist Group chat)

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[9:59] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: i have a hard time understanding your epithet of ‘tea room’ revolutionaries, Rosa. first of all what does that mean exactly? second of all, the credentials of the main members of the SL Marxist group have been shown to you. that is simply a lie to call us ‘arm chair’ revolutionaries and it is undignified of you to continue to use those terms. i took the objects because they were paid for and created by me. naturally since i had left CPSL you would have wanted to remove them. i saved you the trouble and saved me a mess in my inventory to sort. the fact is, we were ejected from the Swedish sim because we did not hear the request at the first landing place, to move to a different location (many did not hear it because of lag). after we had been ejected, you decided to attack without ANY consultation with the other organizers (i.e. Lathou, CZ, and myself). this is where the undemocratic charge comes in and rightly so. it was a joint action was it not? we agreed together on the plan and we also
[10:02] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: made an agreement with the sim owner. and when we explained to him that we had not heard the initial request at the landing, he allowed us back in and danced with us, held placards with us and also said that what you (Rosalux) had done was brutal. the fact that you disrespected our joint agreement, and acted alone to make an attack which then reflected on all participants..this was wrong, clearly. and you should apologize to the sim owner and to the rest of the participants for it. also i see nothing unrealistic about my build. it was an old town which could have been in europe or south america.
[10:03] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: if you are going to make insults at least do it about something truthful. we have been and are currently all activists in RL.
[10:10] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: attacking people with whom you had made an agreement for a peaceful sit-down protest (the Swedish sim owner and residents) has nothing to do with revolutionary spirit. it is simply an agressive attack on people who had agreed that we could be there during their christmas events.
[10:12] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: attacking a sim without consulting the other members of the protest group was again an agressive hit to the very people who were there with you for a single purpose.
[10:13] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: political activism, whether online or on the streets, is serious business. to make light of virtual activism is to inhibit the growth of political activity online…
[10:13] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: which obviously is now and will in future be a strong tool for global activism. if you do not take it seriously then why did you decide to initiate the protest for Assange?
[10:14] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: i will tell you why, because our split from the apolitical vaccum that is CPSL has lit a fire under you.
[10:17] Lisabeth Nikolaidis: you did not want to look foolish so you decided to make a protest action. we were happy about that and glad to work with you. until you destroyed our agreement with the sim and destroyed our trust in you.

Reply to Open Letter of SLM (by Rosalux Rossini)

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Free Julian Assange action: the history

This time the “armchair revolutionary” the SLM attack me and not CPSL. I’m happy.

The facts:
1) the first day of December, I informed the CPSL comrades via notecard to wait for a notice regarding an action in support of Wikileaks and Assange.

2) After this notice the SLM “comrades” agreedto participate actively in the organization.

3) As a member of the CPSL and initiator of the proposal, I wrote a note where I set the rules of the Action. The proposal was fully accepted even by the SLM group.

4) 2 days before the action we notified via notecard all members of the groups indicating the place and the rules to follow.

5) a few hours before the action the Swedish land’s owner contacted us, making some pressure to shift the date of the action: That day, the Swedish had a Christmas party on the land. (I was aware of the celebration: no point in protesting in a desert land!)

6) After a consultation we agreed with the Swedish owner that the action would take place quietly and without interfering heavily in their Christmas event. A civil agreement between gentlemen.

7) Unfortunately, arrived on the Swedish land, the companions were lured in a real trap. We were first ejected and then banned from most of the sim. The agreement had been broken. Many of us had been closed (with banned area play) inside a building far from the place frequented by people . A “red zone” as in Genoa 2001 (in SL …. lol)

8) At this point, as the Swedes played hard, I considered the primary target of the protest to express our solidarity with Wikileaks and Julian Assange. An alter ego of the CPSL infiltrated among the people at the party and for 3 minutes, and repeat … only 3 minutes, brought down a rain of cartels (particle texture with “Free Julian now”) over the entire sim.
The Swedes were surprised, many took photos, and almost anyone protested. In fact, the party of Swedes went on without any damage.

This is the story.

They accuse me to be a griefer , but if we compare SL with RL (with one differences: RL is a serious matter) … we can say: even the British students who have penetrated into the Treasury Office in London were griefers ?

It is very strange that the accusations come from a group of people who have left the CPSL because we feel unable to have true revolutionary spirit.

SLM want to make a real revolution. How? Biscuits and Tea ?

To these “Tea room revolutionarys” I remind that Lenin said: “The revolution is not a gala dinner!”
When we are denied of the right to protest with traps and lies, It’s our duty to use different fight methods epecially when we are lured into a trap from the opponents.

I hope this is the last attack by SLM against the CPSL or its members.

After Lisabeth Nikolaidis (SLM co-foundator) left the cpsl after taking all the objects by our lands we are committed to rebuild the land on new bases more connected to real life.

So we do not have time to waste in useless and stupid arguments aimed only to divide the Marxists. The factionists are just the game of capital and owners, in SL as in RL.

Communist greetings
RosaLux Rossini – Italian and Marxist of the CPSL

CPSL Actions Ruin Joint Protest

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Dear comrades,

We are writing in response to the reprehensible behaviour of your leading member Rosalux Rossini at the recent rally for wikileaks in Sweden on December 12.

The rally was organised as a joint effort by the CPSL and SL Marxists as part of the international wave of protest against the attempts of the US establishment to silence Wikileaks, and as a message of solidarity to RL demonstrators taking to the streets of Sweden that day. The agreed plan for a lively sit-down protest was however, broken on the day by Rosa. While it was encouraging to see the level of genuine cooperation between our two groups in the organising of the protest, we have a responsibility to openly address the membership of the CPSL in light of the anti-democratic actions of Rosa.

What was organised as a lively and broad-based mobilisation of several dozens at the Swedish Embassy had within moments been reduced to a tiny handful of people by a particle griefer attack. This griefer attack was not delivered by a right-wing opponent of our demonstration, but disgracefully from within our own ranks by Rosa with no prior consultation with other organisers.

According to SL Marxists member Lisabeth Nikolaidis, “[Rosa] IMed me to announce that it would soon ‘rain’ and immediately logged off to switch avatars. I had no chance to say ‘stop.’ ”
In a juvenile and apolitical attempt to antagonise the owners of SL Sweden as revenge for the accidental ejection of several people by admins, a bomb of particles had flooded the sim, leading to the banning of several demonstrators and forcing the majority of the rally to leave in disgust. Given that we had previously received a verbal warning from a Linden in person, Rosa’s actions had exposed every demonstrator to the real threat of permanent suspension from second life.
While Rosa claims it was necessary to “act more decisively”, the purpose of the campaign was not to engage in a roleplay war, but to draw in broader forces around an ongoing campaign of solidarity with Wikileaks.

Put simply, Rosa had single-handedly destroyed a protest and placed the long-term credbility of the campaign in jeopardy. In his shameless defence of his actions, Rosa arrogantly invokes the machismo of John Belushi from the film “Animal House”, asserting that “when the game is hard … the hard men begin to play”. In entirely disregarding the opinions of broader forces and the interests of the campaign, the actions of Rosa reveal an underlying elitist contempt for democracy.

While we welcome the recent shift of the CPSL leaderhip towards a more politically serious approach to organising, we believe Rosa’s inexcusable actions are emblematic of the apolitical debris of role-player behaviour that continues to pervade the practice of the CPSL. SL Marxists unambiguously condemns the destructive behaviour of Rosa. We appeal to the rank and file membership of the CPSL to begin an internal discussion over campaign tactics within your organisation, and to reconsider the priorities of your leadership.

Yours comradely,
SL Marxists

————————Information About SL Marxists ———————
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For information about SL Marxists memberships or to join, contact Czarny Zsun
For information about upcoming SL Marxists meetings, contact Lisabeth Nikolaidis and Wilhelm Palmira
For more information about the Wikileaks campaign, contact Lathou Xaris

Open Letter of Resignation from the CPSL

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Dear comrades,

We are writing to inform you of our immediate resignation from the Communist Party of Second Life. Our decision is one that has not been taken lightly and has been influenced by a variety of factors. It has come to our attention that the CPSL has over its recent past undergone a rapid degeneration into inactivity and apoliticism, a process fuelled by the assertiveness of openly reactionary elements within the organisation with whom the left frankly holds nothing in common.

We feel that we can no longer continue to operate inside what is effectively a shell of the vibrant activist organisation that the CPSL once was and have therefore decided to reallocate our time and energy into building a new fighting, political and activist-oriented left organisation.

We have formed a new group called SL Marxists, a revolutionary organisation committed to rebuilding the class struggle left on the politics of Socialism from Below. If you agree with the politics stated in our 􀀁, we welcome you to visit our 􀀀. If you’re interested in applying for membership, join the ‘Friends of SL Marxists’ group and we’ll get in contact with you.

We will continue to work constructively with the CPSL and other left organisations in broad-based campaigns in the future, including the next demonstration on December 9 to show solidarity with British students fighting fees and education cuts on the day parliament votes on the bill, and hope to see you on the barricades one day.

Yours for the revolution,
Alys Abruzzo,
Lisabeth Nikolaidis,
Wilhelm Palmira,
Hermes Szondi,
Lathou Xaris,
Czarny Zsun.

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For information about SL Marxists memberships or to join, contact Czarny Zsun
For information about upcoming SL Marxists meetings, contact Lisabeth Nikolaidis and Wilhelm Palmira