Stop the reactionary SOPA and Protect IP!

As all Marxists in the US and indeed around the world should, SL Marxists thoroughly opposes the introduction of reactionary laws to bolster the state’s power to police the internet in the name of protecting “intellectual property.”

The proposed legislation now before the US congress is nothing but an attempt by the bourgeoisie to protect the profits of multimedia companies in a time of economic distress. They take aim at the internet, a revolutionary medium which allows people all across the world to share information freely at rapid speeds. Computer technology allows everything from text to images, video and audio to be copied and transmitted across the globe in seconds, making information extremely accessible for billions of people.

Under ordinary market conditions, such super-abundance of a commodity should set its value to zero. According to the supply and demand model of classical economics, as the supply of a commodity approaches infinity, its value should approach zero. Information is theoretically infinitely abundant and should therefore have no value in the market whatsoever. This, however, threatens the profits of record companies, movie studios and other multimedia companies. As such, the bourgeoisie are inclined to violate their market ideology and introduce reactionary laws to limit the supply of information to ensure it can still be sold.

This also demonstrates how capitalism is unable to allow for society to progress to an era of post-scarcity. Although not all pro-capitalists agree this is possible, communists understand this is well within the realm of possibility and can only be achieved by a global socialist revolution.

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