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Invasion Day Rally – 26th of January 2011

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Invasion Day Protest

Every year on the 26th of January, White Australians celebrate the founding of their nation on the bodies of the Koori people of the land. This annual holiday is observed by Indigenous Australians as a day of mourning, where they express a pain that few White Australians can relate to.

SL Marxist organized a rally at the Australian sim in Second Life, where we were met with racist opposition.

“[W]e took the land and missed a few, doesnt [sic] make us racist. countries take over land all the time……….we wernt [sic] quite as thourough [sic] as we should have been,” said one heckler, “[…]i wonder if the whole thing never happened then [you] would be happy eating witchity [sic] grubs and killing each other…….[you] can do that in [N]ew [G]uinea if u want.”

“lmao there is more to [A]ustralia then [sic] some blakc [sic] people,” said another.

This attitude is ubiquitous in Australia, and it exemplifies the very reason we are protesting. Today Indigenous Australian live on average 20 years less than White Australians, and are forced into segregated communities where poverty and disease has exacerbated. [1]

Thank you to all those who took part in the rally, your support is greatly appreciated. We need to break this vicious cycle of hatred that has condemned so many to suffer, not just in Australia, but worldwide. Thank you.

[1] NT Intervention – Myths and Facts


Public lecture on Haitian Slave Revolt

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The Haitian Revolution: The Greatest Slave Revolt in History

Time/date: 8am SLT, Sunday 23 January
Location: SL Marxists Headquarters, New Babbage (search “SL Marxists”)

One year on from the devastating Earthquake of 2010, Haiti continues to languish in ruins and poverty at the hands of UN and US occupation forces. No other country in the world has been as thoroughly plundered by imperialism as the small carribean nation of 9 million. Haiti is today a dumping ground of neoliberalism, strangled by privatisation and home to one of the poorest populations in the world.

Yet it’s all too often overlooked that the first black republic was itself formed out of one of the greatest struggles against imperialism to date. Join SL Marxists as we revisit the event that last overturned the chains of imperialism in Haiti, the great slave revolt of 1791. The Sunday lecture will be introduced by historian Wilhelm Palmira, followed by a discussion. All welcome.

Protesters defy government’s racism on World Refugee Day

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Our comrade Czarny Zsun of CPSL was in the march in Melbourne, Australia. He writes:

The crowds, reflecting the composition of the broader public, were diverse in background. We were of all colours, all ages, and all religions. But the message we sent was united: “Refugees are Welcome!” Contingents came from trade unions, university clubs, religious groups, ethnic community organisations and political organisations.’