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Public lecture on Haitian Slave Revolt

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The Haitian Revolution: The Greatest Slave Revolt in History

Time/date: 8am SLT, Sunday 23 January
Location: SL Marxists Headquarters, New Babbage (search “SL Marxists”)

One year on from the devastating Earthquake of 2010, Haiti continues to languish in ruins and poverty at the hands of UN and US occupation forces. No other country in the world has been as thoroughly plundered by imperialism as the small carribean nation of 9 million. Haiti is today a dumping ground of neoliberalism, strangled by privatisation and home to one of the poorest populations in the world.

Yet it’s all too often overlooked that the first black republic was itself formed out of one of the greatest struggles against imperialism to date. Join SL Marxists as we revisit the event that last overturned the chains of imperialism in Haiti, the great slave revolt of 1791. The Sunday lecture will be introduced by historian Wilhelm Palmira, followed by a discussion. All welcome.


Lecture on WW1 4/7

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Wilhelm Palmira from CPSL will give a lecture about World War one:

Day: Sunday 4/7
Time: 8 a.m SLT
Location: CPSL Headquarter

class on Sunday

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don’t miss Wilhelm’s next lecture on the Second International, titled: Why Social Democratism Still Sucks and Why Marxism Still Kicks Ass!

when: Sunday, 6 June
8:00 AM SL time
where: CPSL HQ

Weekly party against Berlusconi

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The following is information that was posted on the memberslist of the CPSL.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010 18:49:48 GMT

Hi all,

as every week, our NO-BERLUSCONI concerts are starting at 12PM. As most of you know, Italian prime minister Berlusconi is just one of the biggest example of what totalitarian and fascist powers can become. So get your best sign and come protest with us.

Hope to see you there,


A temporarily break in our classes

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CPSL will have a short break, a couple of weeks, in our classes. We will post info both here at the blog and in the headquarter when the classes are back again, and this will be soon.

Attend our classes in marxism!

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Comrade Wilhelm Palmira gives a class in Marxist History and Theory every Sunday at 8:00 AM SL time (Pacific time), and every Thursday at 10:00 AM SL time.