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Protesters defy government’s racism on World Refugee Day

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Our comrade Czarny Zsun of CPSL was in the march in Melbourne, Australia. He writes:

The crowds, reflecting the composition of the broader public, were diverse in background. We were of all colours, all ages, and all religions. But the message we sent was united: “Refugees are Welcome!” Contingents came from trade unions, university clubs, religious groups, ethnic community organisations and political organisations.’


Condemn israeli killings against humanitarian aid workers

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These links will give you some information about the zionist assault on the ships with humanitarian aid to Gaza. Join every protest you can in your country!

and see a live video feed here:

Weekly party against Berlusconi

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The following is information that was posted on the memberslist of the CPSL.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010 18:49:48 GMT

Hi all,

as every week, our NO-BERLUSCONI concerts are starting at 12PM. As most of you know, Italian prime minister Berlusconi is just one of the biggest example of what totalitarian and fascist powers can become. So get your best sign and come protest with us.

Hope to see you there,