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Protesting violence against the Libyan people

Posted in Protests SL on 21/02/2011 by cp2ndlife

Today we are in the United Nations Association sim, protesting the violence going on right now against the Libyan people, who have risen up to overthrow Muammar al-Gaddafi.
This protest action was initiated by no organization, but rather by individuals who felt they wanted to express their rage at this unprecedented use of bloody force by the Gaddafi regime against their own people.
Several Activist groups are represented among the protesters here today: SLLU, Amnesty International, Four Bridges, Anti-Nazi League, No Pasaran!, In Soldarity with Egypt, SL Marxists.
We wait together and watch Al Jazeera and Twitter for breaking news.
Other articles on today’s protest action can be found at:

The protest will commence again tomorrow at 10:00 AM SL time, at

To quote one activist who helped to bring this protest action together today: “We are here in (Second Life), We are there in (Real Life). We are everywhere. We demand Freedom, Peace, and Human Rights for Libyan People.”


SLM Endorses SLUncut

Posted in Protests SL, SLM Documents on 15/02/2011 by cp2ndlife

SL Marxists supports the proposal for SL Left Unity to initiate a broad-based campaign of opposition to austerity and cuts, and to show solidarity with the struggle of workers across Europe fighting back against the biggest attacks on their living standards in decades.

You can view the original proposal here.

Mubarak Is Out!

Posted in Anti-imperialism, Protests SL with tags on 11/02/2011 by cp2ndlife

Mubarak has resigned today, bringing an end to his thirty years of dictatorship. The people of Egypt have spoken.
Mubarak is out but the fight must continue! Revolution until complete victory! Tear down the whole regime!

Today in SL Egypt the people had a well-deserved celebration. Many SL Marxists (members of the large group’ In Solidarity with Egypt’, joined with Egy

ptians in a happy gathering to celebrate the dawning of a new day for people everywhere. We rejoice to see that the voice of the people has made the first step forward to real democracy for Egypt and hopefully for us all around the world.

Inworld protests against Big Brother Linden Lab

Posted in Protests SL, Uncategorized on 21/06/2010 by cp2ndlife

Below we are linking to SL-made moviereports from the inworld protest against the banning of Rose Borchovski’s art at SL7b (the birthday celebrations for Second Life). The CPSL had nothing to do with the organisation of this protest. However, we do support any action that contributes to halting the expansion of profitinterests and bussinessthinking in to the field of arts and which contributes to defending the independence of artists from being controlled by the free market and its state. Defending the freedom for culture is not to say that it must take place in a vacuum and this defence is nothing that marxists conduct in absurdum. No social being can stand outside the fundamental relations that define our (capitalist) society, and this applies also to the artist, even inside Second Life. Therefore the principle of independence for the artist can never be used as an excuse for art as a tool for chauvinism and ideological persecution of the oppressed. An example of “art” that must not be defended from the standpoint of independence of the artist is white supremacist rock, hate propaganda against sexual minorities etc.

It must be totaly obvious to any sane person that Rose Borchovski’s installations is by no way even near being open or covert hate propaganda disguised as art. On the contrary her art progressively defends openmindedness and reflections about the individual in society. Every communist, socialist and democrat must therefore condemn Linden Lab on this issue. Their actions can only play in to the hands of religious and morally conservatives and the forces of comercial nonsense.

Red Stoneshield

Freebee stuff in solidarity with Palestine

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Visit us and get protest items for free; posters, t-shirt, flag, etc.

Visit Israel inworlds and stage your protests against them

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The struggle in RL can be complemented by actions in SL. Here we provide you with SLurls to two zionist locations in Second Life. CPSL urge as many people as possible to organise their own protests against Israel, individually or in group. Visit these sims and voice your opposition against the occupation of Palestine and Israels various crimes. At the headquarter of CPSL we can provide you with free t-shirts that says “Free Palestine”. We do indeed welcome that you also send us reports and snapshots of any action you make against Israel. Search for Red Stoneshield and drop me whatever you have – or just give us your report using the possibillitie to leave comments here at the blog.

Leave your protest against Israel here

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The Communist Party of Second Life declare its solidarity with the freedom flotilla, with the recent victims of Israels assassinations, with the people of Gaza and the opressed palestinian nation. Use our blog to show your support for the antizionist and antiimperialist struggle. Leave a comment here where you condemn the racist settler state Israel, its colonialist occupation/war and its aggressions against humanitarian aid workers.

You can also visit us at Facebook and leave a protest there. You can find the link to CPSL at Facebook to the right under “blogroll”.