SL Marxists Constitution

The following constitution was adopted unanimously at the first part of the Inaugural General Meeting of SL Marxists on Sunday January 2nd, 2011.

Czarny Zsun, meeting chair

===SL Marxists constitution===

Welcome to SL Marxists. This constitution outlines the key principles of the group.

We live in a world of inequality, war and oppression. Trillions of dollars go towards bailing out the rich and governments around the world impose attacks on living standards.

Think this system, a system that knows no bounds to its brutality so long as there are profits to be made, is rotten to its core? So do we.

1. The SLM are revolutionary marxists. We stand for a society run on mass democratic lines in which ordinary working-class people own and control the production, a world in which the hundreds of thousands of empty homes would go towards housing the homeless instead of being burnt to the ground, and in which food would go towards feeding people instead of being dumped into the ocean in the name of maintaining the profits of the rich.

2. We need a revolution to tear the system down once and for all. This change can only come from below through the self-activity of the working-class itself.

3. The SLM conceives of socialism as workers’ self-emancipation and therefore does not uphold the political legacy of stalinism as a model of socialism.

Just as capitalism can not exist as anything but an international system today, neither can socialism exist as an island.

4. As internationalists, we recognise that all workers in the western world share much more in common with other workers in China, Uganda and South Africa than with the ruling class in our own countries. As a result, international solidarity with the struggles taking place around the world is vital, whether they be with the Palestinians facing yet more occupation and disposession or the recent round of strikes and factory occupations that have taken place across Europe.

5. We reject all forms of oppressions that work to divide people along lines of race, gender and sexuality.

So, to sum-up:
– The SLM are revolutionary marxists who stand in the the tradition of Socialism From Below.
– The SLM reject stalinism in its entirety.
– The SLM are internationalists who stand for revolution from below.

In Second Life, we’re active in every campaign standing with the rights of workers and oppressed, whether they be campaigns to drive the fascists out or those in solidarity with real-world struggles like the inspiring 2009 revolt in Greece. Recently, we played an instrumental role in building the Palestinian solidarity campaign within SL during the brutal bombing of Gaza.

However, Second Life has its obvious limits. When possible, we encourage our members to involve themselves in real-world activism, or even join a socialist organisation in real life.

As Marx himself stated, “The philosophers have only interpreted the world. The point however, is to change it.”. If you want to be part of this project of to building the beginnings of a fighting alternative to capitalism, we welcome you to stay involved with us.


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